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Watch: Mountain Biking Down The Steepest World Cup Course In The World

It's no Corbet's Couloir , but Austria's Hahnenkamm downhill, with a 27 percent average gradient is the steepest World Cup ski course in the world. Mountain bike legend Max Stöckl is no stranger to speed, as the Austrian native hit a whopping top speed of 167.6km/h in 2016 at Chile’s Atacama desert to break the world speed record on a standard mountain bike at the time.

Given his penchant for speed, and Hahnenkamm's convenient location in his backyard, Stöckl thought he'd try something nobody else had ever attempted ahead of the 78th running of the famous Hahnenkamm downhill: Mountain biking down the steepest World Cup course in the world.

Just to hold on the 43-year-old added 15 millimeter (0.6 inch) metal spikes on the tires of his regular bike. Watch and hold on to your seat as Stöckl goes where no mountain bike should and reaches top speeds of 106km/h.

About The Author

stash member Toby Koekkoek

Jackson transplant via the Boston area. A traveler, and a skiing, skateboarding, and racquet sports enthusiast