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Marin County To Enforce 15 MPH MTB Speed Limit

Marin County, located north of San Francisco, is known for its outdoor recreation and natural beauty. It is an oasis for hikers, dog walkers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers – people from the city who are looking to make the most of their weekends. 

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In the past few years conflicts between mountain bikers and other recreationalists have increased, sometimes turning less than cordial. In an effort to decrease these conflicts, park rangers will be using radar guns and issuing tickets to mountain bikers who go faster than 15 m.p.h. While Marin has had the speed limit ruling for several years, this is the first time they'll be actively enforcing them on the trails. The officer interviewed did mention, however, that other fast-moving means of conveyance, such as horses and ATVs, will have to abide by the speed limits, too.

For those readers who do not mountain bike, going over 15 miles per hour, especially with the type of bikes out there now, is a fairly easy feat. Marin's county parks department will assign two sheriff's deputies for bike speed stakeouts. The location of where the officers will be positioned is being kept secret, but it could be anywhere in the 16,000 acres that the parks department is responsible for. 

The irony hits hard for bikers in Marin County. The sport of mountain biking was born in the area, when in 1977, Mill Valley resident Joe Breeze crafted on of the first modern mountain bikes, riding it on Mount Tam. 

Only time will tell how this policy will affect outdoor users in the area, but hopefully a different agreement can be decided on by all people who enjoy recreating in Marin. 

I thought april fools jokes were supposed to go out on Friday…

No victim, no crime. How do you enforce a law when you don’t need to consent to a bicycle traffic code or get licensed to ride a bike?

Bikers to ignore, ignite, and ride away!

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