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Jono Jones Rips a Long Jump Competition at His Local Bike Park

After missing the finals of the UCI World Cup Urban Downhill event in México, Jono Jones headed home to the UK to blow off some steam in the most stoked out way possible. He, his friends, and a gaggle of young local riders all took on one of the sketchier features in the park and put on an impromptu competition to see who could fly the furthest down the steep landing below. Jono and the whole team were absolutely giddy after each attempt of this sick, yet horribly dangerous jump. Their hoots and hollers echoed through the woods, keeping the energy and stoke on high all afternoon and into the evening. They clearly were having quite a good time on this one. Check it out!



It’s exhilarating to see Jono Jones and his crew channeling their energy into an impromptu long jump competition at their local bike park. After a setback at the UCI World Cup event, it’s refreshing to witness their contagious enthusiasm and stoke. Their daring jumps and infectious joy captured in the article make it a must-watch. Thank you for sharing this exciting and uplifting story! | Junk removal services near you in florida. Click here for more information about us.

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