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Highlight Video: DarkFest 2021

There’s really nothing quite like watching some of the best riders demolish the biggest freeride mountain bike dirt jumps in the world. This year’s DarkFest highlight video just dropped and we’re speechless. Aside from the gnarly wipeouts and bombs off trail, DarkFest was nothing short of extraordinary with the backdrop of Stellenbosch's stunning mountains only amplifying each jump. This year's action included monstrous double backflips and a world record 100-foot front flip. Award winners from DarkFest 2021 are as follows: Szymon Godziek for Best Style, Ike Klaassen for the Stay True award, Clemens Kaudela for Highest Air, Bienvenido Aguado for Best Trick, and Sam Hodgson for King of Darkness. Relive all the action packed tricks and nasty wipeouts with a quick look at this video.

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