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Half Back Squats–TGR’s MTB Training Camp

Editor's Note: When we initially posted this workout late last week, some astute readers noted that the instruction we had put forth was insufficient for demonstrating the exercise properly and could even be dangerous for less experienced weight lifters. We have revamped some of the instruction, along with the video, to provide a more helpful description of the exercise. But again, if you are not an experienced weight lifter, please get professional assistance with this one or skip it.

Hey mountain bikers! Crystal Wright here from Wright Training here in Jackson Hole. This is the sixth part of our nine-part workout series for TGR's Mountain Bike Training Camp, and today we'll be focusing on Half Back Squats, a great exercise for targeting the posterior chain–your glutes, hamstrings, and quads–while also strengthening your back to deal with longer rides.

This exercise is for experienced weight lifters only. If you're not confident with a barbell already, please stick with the other workouts in the MTB Training Camp series or get professional assistance.

Come into a back squat position, putting the weight evenly across your shoulders, and step back from the rack.

Take a deep breath in as you come down halfway into a full squat. Follow good squat form with your weight in your heels.

Really power out of the half squat position until you’re at full standing with your legs and hips in line with your spine. This is meant to be an explosive exercise.

You should start this off with very light weight. This is about explosive movement, not pure strength, so the weight should never be heavier than something that is hard but doable. 

Make sure your knees are over or behind your toes, and that you have a strong, engaged core as you start the exercise. Make sure to time your breath with the up and down movements of the exercise.

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Good job on promoting strength exercises but it would be more beneficial to detail proper form especially when it comes to squats.  You’re promoting injury instead of fitness if you don’t detail proper movement.  This video is essentially dangerous and useless if you don’t show people proper form.

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Two-time Freeskiing World Tour Champion and Founder of Jackson Hole's Wright Training, a gym focused on strength, performance, and injury prevention through sport-specific training.