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Crankworx Innsbruck was a Day of MTB Slopestyle Firsts

Despite the agonizing wind delay, this year’s Crankworx Innsbruck slopestyle was one for the history books. It was a day defined by firsts, starting with third place finisher and wildcard Dawid Godziek. Godziek is a newcomer to the slopestyle scene, but he had no problem keeping pace. The rookie caught the judge’s attention with a twister no hander and a cashroll barspin—both firsts for Crankworx.

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Ultimately, the real drama was between Rotorua slopestyle champion Brett Rheeder and the comeback kid Emil Johansson. 

Rheeder held the lead after round one—and it was looking untouchable until Johansson dropped into his second run. After a disappointing first run, the Swede threw down two never-seen-before tricks that launched him into first place. Thankfully, his Houdini exit/crash out of the course didn’t compromise his final score. Forced to ride again, Rheeder returned to the course looking calm and collected. His second run was much more polished, and those additional improvements were enough to bump him .5 points ahead of Johansson to take the win with a score of 95.5. After placing second two years in a row, this is the first time Rheeder has won at Innsbruck. On to Canada we go for the final stop of the tour!

The comeback kid, the king, and the wildcard. Fraser Britton Photo. 

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