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Big Kids On Big Kid Bikes… Vanderham and Hunter Sending!

In the latest Sony Action Cam Dream Capture edit put together by our boys over at Anthill, two little kids get out to rip on their kid bikes and complain about the boring lunch Mom gave them for the day ("Ma... the meatloaf!!!"). Dreaming about slamming berms and throwing whips like the pros, dreams soon turn to reality when Thomas Vanderham and Matt Hunter, both of whom'll be filming for TGR & Anthill's upcoming bike film, unReal, step into the picture to show what happens when those little kid fantasies turn into big kid skills. 

About The Author

stash member Teton Gravity Research

It all began with a dream and a little cash scraped together from fishing in Alaska... Since 1995, we've been an action sports media company committed to fueling progression through our ground-breaking films (37 and counting) and online content.