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Video: GoPro’s Newest Hype Reel is Sick

GoPro is sustained by an odd psychological phenomenon: We watch their videos and can't help but imagine ourselves doing comparably-cool things. "Yeah, I might not be [pro athlete], but I [did a cool thing] at [location]. I should get a GoPro and make an edit for Instagram," think thousands of viewers. 

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Only after dropping hundreds on the newest action-cam do we realize the sad truth: We're not nearly good enough at our respective sports to make an edit worth showing our immediate family members, much less the internet. The GoPro goes into a cupboard, not to be seen for half a decade. Years later, we'll watch another hype video, get stoked, dust it off, shake our heads, and decide that we need the newest edition. 

All that aside, GoPro has actually been killing it with their recent cameras. HyperSmooth is one of the best innovations to hit the action-cam market since HD, and the upgrades to Hero 8's slow-mo capabilities should be solid. Pick up a new GoPro here.

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