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These Guys Hopped Trains to Montana For A Different Type of COVID Adventure

For many of us, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic left us scratching our heads with what to do with our time. Some of us turned to adventure to fill the hours, exploring close to home and getting to know ourselves and our loved ones better than ever before. Others took to re-inventing their lives, and that’s exactly what these three friends from Los Angeles did. Losing jobs meant unlimited free time, and the crowds and concrete jungle of LA no longer felt like the right choice. With the world screeching to a halt, the boys decided to get out of the Covid-19 chaos of the city. Their goal was Montana, and the means to get there, trainhopping. To them, there was no better way to let out the bottled in energy from being on pandemic lock down. They brought 15 rolls of Super 8mm film and documented the journey in the short film No Signal. It sure is a unique way to experience the beautiful landscapes and people of the American West. How about via hammock hung on a speeding freight train? Oh, and you’d be surprised who’s willing to give you a ride out there on the road.

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I manage digital content here at TGR, run our gear testing program, and am stoked to be living the dream in the Tetons.