Sony F55


Amazing 4K

“Does a 4K camera make sense in an HD world? Perfect sense. Even if you’re not planning on 4K production, the 11.6 total megapixels of Sony’s 4K image sensor enable you to shoot gorgeous, super-sampled HD now and learn how to get the best from the camera. Then as 4K postproduction and distribution continue to gain traction, you’ll be ready with built-in 4K recording.”

Huge Dynamic Range

“Cinematographers paint their images with light and shadow. So the ability to render tones from deepest shadows to brightest highlights is a crucial test of any digital camera. The F55 excels, with 14 stops of exposure latitude. DPs have noticed that the camera holds remarkable detail in the highlights, while noise in the blacks is extremely low. The result? Graceful rendering of scene contrast, even in searing sunlight. The camera is rated at ISO 1250 (S-Log 2 gamma, D55 light source). In fact, the camera is so sensitive that one cinematographer actually recorded starlight in exterior night scenes!”

Widest Color Gamut

“Directors of photography and colorists are talking about Sony’s S-Gamut color system, which made its debut on Sony’s 8K flagship, the F65. DPs love how S-Gamut captures images that are closer to what the human eye actually sees. They appreciate the extraordinarily natural results with challenging mixed light scenes. They notice how S-Gamut is changing their approach to lighting. And they see how S-Gamut simplifies color correction.”