Rent the GSS C520

The Most Advanced Gyro-Stabilized Camera System in the World

At virtually the same cost as the Cineflex Elite or Pictorvision Eclipse securing the GSS C520 – a more advanced “Ultra-HD” platform – for your next shoot is the only logical choice. TGR™ provides all technical componentry and support staff needed, regardless of your shoot’s duration and location, to deliver you the highest quality imagery on the planet.

Why Rent the GSS C520?

  • Performance Capable of perfect stability throughout any focal range, the GSS C520 is the most advanced five-axis fiber optic gyro-stabilized platform in the world. The non-ITAR and EAR gyros also eliminate the hassel of international travel common with systems like the Cineflex- hence clearance from the State Department is no longer required. Additionaly, the proprietary software developed by GSS gives operators the ability to program the user interface and completely customize the user experience. The GSS makes the perfect shot possible every time.
  • Flexibility Upset because systems like the Cineflex only offer one camera configuration? Us too. That’s why TGR™ partnered with GSS. Their engineers have created a platform that makes integrating new cameras extremely simple. It’s a design that already supports the RED Epic, RED Dragon, Sony F55 and Canon 1Dc, two cameras abscent from all other systems in the world. Not only does easy integration mean access to new cameras, but it also implys that entire camera systems can be swapped in a matter of minutes. In a short half-hour, a DP can move from shooting sweeping scenics to the most intense slow-motion action scene. This kind of versaltility will afford productions a new level of the efficiency and creativity license.
  • Portability Designed to ship as excess baggage, the GSS C520 has been modularized into cases weighing less than 70lbs. In a moment’s notice the GSS can travel anywhere in the world. Less committment means more flexibility to plan the perfect shoot.
  • Cost Besides being the most advanced 5-axis gyro-stabilzed platform, the GSS C520 is also the cheapest. Day rates are at or below the cost of a Cineflex, Shotover or Pictorvison Eclipse, however, the subsequent savings associated with renting the GSS C520 is much greater. With the Cineflex you lack the freedom to choose the camera system. With the Shotover and Eclipse you’re often paying for an extra day of helicopter minimums- because rigging the helicopter often requires up to six hours of ground time. Why pay more for a system you don’t want or one that requires such unnecessary expense?
  • TGR™ Teton Gravity Research is the leading provider of gyro-stabilzed camera solutions in the world. With over 10 years of aerial experience, we’ve seen and done it all. From feature films in the South Pacific to commerical projects in Alaska, our team of operators and technicians has the expertise to handle projects large and small. TGR™ is a one-stop shop for all your aerial needs, the only choice for productions demanding success.

Rental Options

FULL SERVICE – At Teton Gravity Research we specialize in aerial cinematography. It’s what we do. If your production requires an aerial component we’re here to help. Our team of aerial cinematographers and camera technicians will expertly handle every detail. We’ll source the helicopter, manage shipping and travel, install the mount, integrate the camera and of course operate the system. You just tell us where to fly and we’ll be there.

SYSTEM ONLY – We also provide the world’s best cinematographers with the world’s best gyro-stabilized camera system. If you need the GSS C520, it’s available to rent and TGR will cater to any level of support you may need. Our customized packages range from gimbal only to the full service package described above.