Arri Alexa XT M

The most complete digital camera system ever.

Image Quality

“All ALEXA cameras provide the best looking digital image with the least amount of fuss. They all have the same high end optical low pass filter, a custom made CMOS sensor and custom electronics and processing software. These components are carefully designed to produce images with the organic look and feel of film. The sensor provides an unequalled exposure latitude of 14 stops with special consideration given to highlight treatment… ALEXA’s high sensitivity and its ability to hold up very well even when extremely under or overexposed make it very easy to work with.” –

Flexible Workflows

“ALEXA represents the most efficient and versatile method to capture and then transport images and metadata through the production process. This is achieved with a multitude of output options, support for the native codecs of the most popular non-linear editors, complete metadata and integrated color management. So disregarding if you want to shoot a low budget TV series or Martin Scorsese’s next big Hollywood feature, you can configure an ALEXA for the task at hand.”

Separate Camera Head & Body

“By separating the small and light weight ALEXA M head from the body, the ALEXA M offers the greatest flexibility in terms of physically positioning the camera. This is extremely useful for…aerial photography. In fact, any time physical space is tight… the ALEXA M is the perfect tool to get the shot with ALEXA image quality. An added benefit is the fact that the body, which holds the [new XT specific] XR Module (Extended Recording), can be positioned in a location that is easier accessible than the head. So changing magazines is very easy and convenient without having to land the helicopter.”