Red Epic / Red Dragon

The Next Generation of Digital Cinema

The GSS C520 is one of the only gyro-stabilized camera platforms in the world to seemlessly integrate the RED Epic. Marking the future of digital cinema, no one camera offers more versalitlity than the RED Epic.

4k Resolution

“Resolution is more than just attention to detail. From large objects to granule textures, [4K] images cultivate the nuance of every image, leaving nothing behind. Improvements to micro-contrast and MTF produce a cleaner image, drastically reducing moiré and aliasing artifacts. When outputting 4K files to HD, your image will appear more refined and detailed compared to those captured at lower resolutions. The choice is simple; Bigger is better.” –

120 Frames Per Second

“With the ability to capture a 5K stream of up to 120 frames per second, you’ll never miss that perfect shot. Ever. EPIC aligns hi-resolution with hi-speed, capable of reaching maximum speeds of up to 300 fps at 2K. For robust efficiency, you can capture video and photos simultaneously, using an HDRx track to draw sharper stills. With EPIC, your subject will never be faster than your camera.”


“HDRx technology yields up to 18 stops of dynamic range, dilating your exposure in even the most challenging lighting conditions. EPIC offers up to 4 more stops of latitude than its 35mm and DSLR counterparts, helping cinematographers and photographers alike make the impossible possible. With HDRx, dynamic range is finally dynamic.”

Raw Potential

“REDCINE-X PRO software provides you with a wealth of integrated tools to import, finish, and export your images within minutes. Offload your media using one of our RED STATIONS and process your footage with familiar grading modules and filters. Whether you’re working with a stills or motion workflow, REDCINE-X PRO hosts an array of advanced features to support your workflow from end to end. Take advantage of your RAW potential with REDCINE-X PRO—available free only on”



“With the 6K RED DRAGON™ sensor, you can capture over 9x more resolution than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. Industry leading specs distinguish the EPIC DRAGON as a model for image innovation, helming the evolution of digital cinema technology.”