Inside the Test

Earlier this summer, Teton Gravity Research went to the beautifully rugged Crested Butte, CO to test the latest and greatest mountain bikes on offer. The wildflower capital of Colorado features everything from rowdy lift-access jump trails at Evolution Bike Park to never-ending singletrack through lush aspen forests and high alpine meadows. We spent one week with a crew of industry influencers from a variety of backgrounds testing bikes and gear from sunrise to sunset. Bikes were tested, vert was accumulated, the footy was stacked, but most of all, good times were had by everyone. Our six testers rode a wide range of bikes: everything from 120-mm trail weapons to all-out 170mm

enduro brawlers. They ranged from entry-level builds to the best that money could buy, with everything in between. After one of the driest springs in recent years, conditions were a little dry at the bike park. Lacking moisture, the trails were covered in inches of orange and gray moondust, making traction and grip something our riders missed. Evolution’s dedicated trail crews did their best to clean up and buff out the jumps and berms, but these were still some of the loosest conditions our testers had ever seen. However, we all know that any bike will feel great in hero conditions, so for testing this was exactly what we needed!