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Who’s Ready for Bells Beach? WSL Huntington Classic Recap

With the Bells Beach Longboard Pro just days away, let’s look back at final heats of the Tour’s first event in Huntington Beach.

Honolua after her heat with Kelis| WSL photo.

Now, we did already have the Boardmasters event at Fistral Beach in the UK a couple weeks ago, but the lackluster conditions for longboarding made it a little less exciting, and thus, maybe not worth the rewatch. However, the waves at Huntington were better than in England, and the finals between Kelis Kaleopa’a and Honolua Boomfield, and Kani Stewart and Taylor Jensen are sure to get you stoked for the next event in Victoria, Australia. Congrats to Kelis and Kani on their wins at Huntington and to Eduard Delpero and Alice Lemoigne for their wins at Boardmasters. Super stoked to see who comes out on top at Bells!


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