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Side Hit Feinds: exploring A new contest format

In the springtime, there's nothing more fun than cruising around the resort with some buddies while boosting off of hidden side hits, rollers, and wind lips. It's a time to enjoy the sunshine, let loose, and maybe try a couple tricks you've been putting off all season.

At the end of last month, Red Bull and Mt. Bachelor hosted a new type of spring competition fit for the modern day rider and audience: The first annual Red Bull Landing Gear.

18 of the top snowboarders in the game were paired up into 9 teams and turned loose in the resort, where they had three days to craft a self-filmed, self-produced 90 second iPhone edit submitted via Instagram. They were only allowed to film each other, and go wherever they chose around Mt. Bachelor.

The new contest format allowed for maximum freedom and creativity, and produced a gold mine of digital content. It also looked incredibly fun. Could the future of snow sports competitions trend towards athlete-generated, organic content? We'll have to wait and see, but for now, enjoy the entries from this year:

WINNERS: Jared Elston & Dru Brownrigg

Bend, Oregon locals Jared Elston & Dru Brownrigg took home the $10,000 prize for the week's top edit. Tricking off Mt. Bachelor's famous cornice before an audience of fellow riders.

Brock Crouch & Sean FitzSimons

By the way, you can watch more of Brock & Sean destroy in our 2023 film, Flying High Again.

Valentino Guseli & Dane Menzies

Craig McMorris & Mikey Ciccarelli

Alissa Alivea & Max Reger

Nora Beck & Kai Huggin

Cannon Cummins & Jadyn Chomlack

Ben Ferguson & Gabe Fergusonl

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