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Did John Jackson have the best season of his life?

John Jackson has had a year full of acclaim.
Fresh off two individual nominations at the International Freesports Film Festival, one for Standout Male Snowboarder of the Year and the other for Best Backcountry Segment, Jackson’s part in TGR’s Flying High Again (2023) is stunning and tasteful. John is one of those snowboarders who knows what matters— that style comes first. From pulling huge backflip gainers off of cliff drops to carving steep big mountain lines in the Alaskan backcountry, Jackson riding has a quality of lightness that is very pleasing to the eye. His talents have taken him to the top of the snowboarding world, taking home Backcountry X Games Gold and having graced the cover of over 10 print magazines.

Born in Crowley Lake, CA, John Jackson earliest memories are ripe with the fruits of the Eastern Sierras. He first got on a snowboard at 11, which allowed him to explore the mountains around him. Growing up in that mountainous sandbox, Jackson developed his unique style and penchant for heavy lines. He developed a passion for spending time in the backcountry, attempting random and often absurd feats like hiking from June to Mammoth Mountain to ride the park.

In just about everything he puts out, heavy is a word that usually applies. Take this vintage John Jackson part from 2010. It’s hard to imagine how a snowboarding video could get much better than that, but then I guess you’ll just have to watch Flying High Again (2023) to make sure.

There is a special breed of rider that ought to be protected at all costs, and John is undoubtedly one of those riders. In a world full of overly technical tricks and progression for progression’s sake, those who keep style on the forefront of the snowboarding imagination must be celebrated. More than just about anything (as far as sliding on snow is concerned), style matters. Jackson knows this better than most, and he’s got the technique to back it up. Huge boosts onto effortless, buttery landings flash the mind.

If John Jackson’s riding peaks your interest, be sure to check out his part in Flying High Again (2023). In the meantime, here’s a short introduction to John’s riding before you settle in to watch the whole thing. Enjoy John Jackson’s episode of Ride the Wave, presented by White Claw.

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