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A Bed of Tears: Where a TGR Intern Lives & Sleeps

Sometimes, we all have sleepovers in Nick's parents' van.

As TGR interns, we are truly blessed to call the world headquarters our office…but it's so much more than that. The overparked parking lot, regularly replaced pirate flags, and questionable stench from the gear room represent more than just an opportunity to befriend harass our favorite athletes and log eighteen hour days in the 30 degree server room. Our internships are introductions to A Way of Life, rather than just superiors to guide us and rec letters for our futures.

Dunfee couldn't be a warmer, more caring boss. 

Ryan Dunfee, our boss, TGR's Editorial Manager, authoritarian father figure, and hostess with the most-ess, if you will, was generous enough welcome us with open arms and introduce us firsthand to The TGR Dream. 

Prudently aware of Jackson’s ever concerning housing crisis, Dunfee graciously staked out zones for all of his interns to live in. Talk about a boss going above and beyond, am I right?

So here we are, nearly half way through the summer, and truly living the dream. This is our basecamp.

Nick Yerger's Dream Van 

Given the dire housing situation in Jackson, Nick's mom's '95 Previa was his only realistic housing option.

Nick, arguably Dunfee's favorite intern and all around bike aficionado, has been set up with the most luxurious of accommodations–his mom's '95 Toyota Previa. Nick, not at all displeased with his housing situation, frequently brings home ladies to the van where he entertains with trail trivia, a crated bed, and break room burritos from the TGR kitchen. Parked conveniently next to the in house slackline, Nick boasts a four second walk to the front door and even office plumbing for the high maintenance acquaintance.

The ladies love when Nick comes in for his weekly teeth brushing. We don't even have a shower, so I think he just wears the towel for fashion. 

With a penchant for detail and a love for the outdoors, Nick can squeeze his bike in the back (with socks on the handlebars to protect the interior, and perhaps his face) and his skateboard nestled nicely with his laundry basket. 

Sacrificing Comfort For Career-Advancing Face Time

Buller resting in between run-ins with TGR upper management on their recycling runs.

Not everyone can have such comfortable quarters, though. Buller, longtime local, diehard TGR fan, and jack-of-all-trades intern, has really embraced the work ethic that's necessary to survive here in the office, demonstrated here by his chosen sleeping arrangements.

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By tapping into the trash disposal habits of some of our higher-ups, he's been able to get some rare solo face time with upper management–a privilege we think he truly deserves and has earned. Considering the amount of Pearl Street coffee that our bosses drink–and their dedication to recycling the cardboard sleeves–Buller truly has unfettered access to the ins and outs of some of our TGR legends on their hourly trash drops. 

Securing shelter and food are two critical basics to surviving a summer internship at TGR.

Without compromising convenience, Buller can capitalize on his career with a roof over his head and four walls to call his own. Despite the nightly chill that descends on the valley, he keeps warm with a The North Face sleeping bag so generously gifted from the gear closet, and the hoards of cardboard that are thrown on top of him daily.  

Taking a Break From Academia to Live The Counterculture Dream

While CNN might have taught her respectability, TGR taught her how to make a lean-to out of excess halfpipe supplies.

Each intern really has their own preferences and priorities when it comes to their after hours activities. Kylie, our incredibly over-qualified Georgetown student and social media intern, recently caught a glimpse of some skater boys on her bike back from the Bird and realized she too wanted to be a skater girl.

Even though we think she's really making questionable life decisions (her last internship was at CNN), we supported her head-first dive into skateboarding, which culminated in relocating her summer housing to the TGR mini ramp. Her extremely generous mega rad babe of a boss, Tana, graciously offered her a real tent, but considering her new found passion for counterculture, she opted for the plywood that covers the ramp instead. 

OMG Nick McNutt retweeted my post!

Despite her homelessness she maintains an unparalleled work ethic, posting to social media all hours of the day from her Georgetown-provided Macbook Air, even when she's stalking hanging out with her favorite local skaters. 

A Scrappy Lifestyle Inspired by The Terrain Park

Despite awkward stares from the salaried employees, Erica found herself right at home in a co-worker's trunk this summer.

But not all of us have strayed so far from our previous positions back in the real world. Erica, Newschoolers contributor and editorial intern, didn't even need to be set up with Jackson housing this summer. Upon arrival, Erica made herself perfectly at home, albeit uninvited, in one of our superiors truck beds–not entirely unlike Newschoolers' break onto the skiing scene. Even though the rest of the office has yet to embrace her park-and-pipe obsession and newschool-style lack of grammar mastery, Dunfee has really taken her under his wing–provided she sets a higher standard for the edits she posts.

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On the few days she posts valuable content, they turn a blind eye when she hoards office supplies, like Coffee Mate and Red Bull. She has yet to figure out how to hide herself properly when the car owner returns at the end of the work day, but occasionally she is allowed to come on the weekly grocery store run and feed herself with whatever's on the past-due rack. 

Stoked, broke, and interning.

Despite the questionable legality of most of her actions, Dunfee really admires her ability to make herself comfortable in any situation–the journey is the reward, right? 

Tend The Bar? I Live At The Bar!!

How long has Johnny Collinson been bartending here?

The other interns have pretty spectacular living situations, especially for Jackson, but I think I really hit the jackpot. Even though I didn't apply for the internship, or let anyone know I would be interning there, they welcomed me with open arms and an open position. It practically felt like they knew me, and my goals, from the moment I walked in.

Dunfee instantly recognized my love for TGR athletes and set me up behind the TGR Tiki Bar, so I could have better access to our talent. Sometimes Johnny seems surprised by me his twin when I jump out from behind the bar, Jack Daniels in hand, ready to pour him shots, but I think it's just built in from my previous career in customer service. 

And considering I'm killing two birds with one stone–my career and my housing–I think my parents would approve. With a straw roof over my head and a bar as my bed, I'm really taking advantage of all that TGR has to offer.

Since shoring up the roof with straw stolen from the National Elk Refuge, Hillary's laptop has shorted out far fewer times in the afternoon rain showers.

Although my superiors actually know me as the bartender, and not an editorial intern, Dunfee has assured me that it's for the best. Given that the digital media industry is actually heading back towards the day-drinking glory days of newspaper yore, he suggested we'd be more employable as office bartenders than as writers. 

Apply now for a TGR Internship!

A TGR internship is so much more than a stepping stone to a better future or a letter of recommendation to fluff up our resumes. It's an introduction to the truly unreal world of action sports media and all that comes with it. We really are living The TGR Dream™. 

All in all, we are so blessed to call this place our home away from home. Out of the ninety-plus interns they have here at TGR, we couldn't be more grateful for Dunfee and Tana for setting up housing options for us.

From left to right: Myself, Kylie, Erica, Buller, and Nick. 

From The Column: Base Camp

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