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NOW IPO Snowboard Bindings Review

Is the future NOW? I think so. NOW bindings has broken the mold of standard snowboard bindings and created the most talked about snowboard bindings on the market this year. Maybe they are not quite on the level of the hoverboard Marty McFly picks up in 2015, but it's not 2015 yet, it's 2013 and this is the closest to the future as your going to get.

Influenced by skateboard trucks, NOW bindings use a kingpin and bushings system to provide a skate-like experience on the hill. It's not quite like skateboarding the mountain but this technology definitely gives the rider a more responsive and playful feel. The bindings come with a variety of extra bushings that you can easily swap out. You can put in the soft or hard bushings depending how much flex your looking for.

Being both a skateboarder and snowboarder most of my life, I couldn't help but be interested in these unique new bindings. I can honestly say it felt like Christmas morning when they showed up at the TGR office. They arrived in a jet black box with tight, minimal packaging similar to something you'd get from Apple, which added to the overall experience. The bindings themselves are slick with a modern, futuristic design. They come in both white or black and both have a green circular kingpin that pops. 

I was curious if these bindings would exceed my expectations and become my everyday bindings - and they have. The bindings definitely meet my expectations, as far as the new technology goes. The main thing I noticed when riding with them was the responsiveness, I don't have to work as hard to make quick turns and butter around. They definitely give you great control over your board, maybe not as much a skateboard, but they definitely provide a closer skate-like experience than other bindings on the market offer.

The only real thing I thought could be improved is the quality and construction of the bindings. I felt the straps we're a little flimsy and the plastic could be a bit stronger. The toe cup doesn't compare to my Cartels, which completely cups my toes. It is more of the standard hybrid toe cup that can be worn over or around the toes. 

Overall I really enjoy the NOW bindings and continue to ride them on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to seeing where NOW will take this new technology. All in all, a great Initial Public Offering.

Wondering how it works? Get the full explanation in this NOW video.

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