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Swatch Nines Ski and Snowboard Big Air Highlights


Every year the Nines really brings the best out of its competitors. Everyone at this event is supremely stoked to be there. The riders all have so much fun on these features which evoke radical style and creativity. After a week straight of shooting on this year’s course, they held a friendly big air comp for all the athletes to strut their stuff in front of a crowd of thousands of onlookers; and the highlights from the comp are sick! These edits are a great appetizer to the main course of Nines content set to come out in the ensuing weeks. SHEEEW!

About The Author

The event is part of a series of competitions around the world designed to showcase the talents of skiers and snowboarders in different disciplines. The London event featured some of the best athletes in the world, including James Woods, James Frost, and Spencer Badu, among others. The article describes the various tricks performed by the athletes, including the 900, 1260, and 1440 spins, and provides details about the scoring and judging criteria used to determine the winners.

Sarah | Tiling Halifax