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VIDEO: Skiing Steep Lines in Northern Norway

With an incredible snowpack in Northern Norway came the opportunity to ski some of the biggest lines the Lyngen Alps has to offer. Together with Eivind Jacobsen, Krister Furnes Kopala and Emma Sunnefeldt Nyberg, I took the advantage of the great conditions. We skied four big lines including a first descent. 

Above you'll find a video featuring the most memorable descent from the 2020 season.

Lines in order of appearance:

1. North West Face of Tomastind

2. Ukkonen, Lakselvtindane

3. East Face, Store Russetind 

4. Mallroy, Stortind

"The first descent of Ukkonen is maybe the most beautiful ski that i've ever done"

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It was very interesting. That was very wonferful. Thanks for sharing!

Great Skiing Compilation! I’ve always wanted to visit Norway to try some of their world-famous skiing locations. I hope I do get there sooner rather than later. Thanks for sharing these! <ahref=“”>Exterior Painting</a>

    It’s a great place to ski for sure. A personal favorite when the condition is right. Hope you’ll be able to visit once the pandemic is over. Happy skiing!

To be honest I’ve only seen sceneries like these in movies. Norway is my dream destination. Maybe I should learn how to ski? Looks like a great sport/hobby to enjoy sceneries like these. Nice guide! Tree Services Durham

    Skiing is for sure a great way to enjoy the mountain during the winter. You would for sure get to enjoy sceneries like these even from the ground. It’s pretty when it’s pretty =)

Great places to showcase! Norway is really something else huh. I’d love to go there someday. I’ve only been skiing in the USA and would like to explore the world through skiing. Great post, thanks for sharing! Septic Pumping

    Thanks a lot Sam. USA is a great place to ski. You should definitely go somewhere in Europe aswell. The alps if you want a ski lift, the Lyngen Alps if you’re in for some touring. Hope to see you around!

I’d love to visit here someday! Touring European mountains and famous skiing areas has been a long-time dream of mine! Thanks for sharing this TGR! I someday hope I get there! painters

A real fun place to skii. i hope I someday get to visit Norway and other EU countries. Thanks for sharing! lawn care near me

Thanks for sharing this! Skiing in Norway seems like a dream! I hope I get there someday! Thanks for sharing! lawn care services