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Ski Teaser Season is Upon Us!

I come bearing gifts….

But first let me ask, what are the signs you look for when you know ski season is approaching? Is it the leaves changing color? Or is it that you’ve noticed the sun setting a little earlier, or that you’ve started reaching for an extra layer to throw on for your evening strolls?

These things all are good reminders that every day we are inching closer to our first day on the hill, but no sign gets me more amped, and makes winter feel so close as ski film season! And what comes before that?? Ski film teaser season! And it’s here! We have taken the time to compile all the major ski film trailers that have dropped thus far for you to enjoy and get amped for the cold freshies to come. So, it’s time for you to get hyped and let it start snowing in your daydreams! Winter is coming! YEEEEEWWWWW!

In a world, where the snowboard corporatocracy cares more about the next Instagram swipe, TGR and snowboard film director and pioneer, Mike Hatchett, have defied all odds to bring back the annual snowboard film. Featuring a crew of riders who need no introduction, Flying High Again celebrates what matters most: a bomber squad, rowdy soundtrack, and pure unadulterated riding action.

A video by Jonah Williams and Gavin Rudy. Two beautiful souls operating in alignment from Japan to the Eastern Sierra. Featuring the skiing of a whole band of talented riders. Really looking forward to this one.

A Dynastar North American short film featuring rippers Sander Hadley, Alex Lundstrom, Dillon Flinders, Megan Dingman, and Anthony Carmola. This crew teamed up with Level 1 to bring each of their unique flavors to a film together. On-piste and off, these rippers worked their hearts out and put their bodies on the line to bring you something rowdy.

The inimitable Jake Mageau syncs up with friend and Director Brady Perron for the third installment of their collaboration with Level 1: "Wind for Whistles". The film unfolds a special place and time in freeskiing, a place where Mageau’s athleticism meets his artistry - where past meets present. From the eastern seaboard to the most north western locations, enjoy the camaraderie that is Wind for Whistles. Make some noise.

Skiing is not art, and skiers are not artists. Unless, of course, skiing is art and skiers are artists? Faction's fourth feature film exhibits pure creativity through a series of freeski sequences—from the vibrant streets of Japan, to the powdery pillows of British Columbia, to the finely-manicured terrain parks of Switzerland and Italy. Each location provides a blank canvas for the team’s artistic expression. Because nothing screams “artist” like sending large cliffs and grinding the side of buildings.

Snowmobile shenanigans, gapping highways, shooting insane lines, what more can you expect from another film by Crazy 
 Karl Fostvedt?

The chairlift revolutionized modern skiing, other than skis of course. Since their creation in 1936, these engineering marvels have redefined the way we look at terrain more than any other form of uphill travel. Like veins to the heart, chairlifts are the lifeblood of Whistler Blackcomb and they have connected and defined our community around it.

Warren Miller’s ALL TIME is bringing 74 years of filmmaking reimagined to a theater near you this fall. And this season, it's all about good turns and good snow on good hills with good people.

Last winter was all about getting more experience and discover more of the place I call home for a couple of years now !
Thanks to a lot of people around me, I managed to have one of the best winter I could hope for !
We worked with Cluster Films and Bug Visionaries to produce this movie about a different winter for me and everything it means to be a freeskier in Chamonix!

An Experimental Short Film featuring three female freeskiers, where reality and the subconscious mind become one in a heist for self-identity.

Tragedy Into Triumph is the 2nd film from Mountain in My Mind. The film features male and female professional skiers and snowboards and their words about mental health in the snow sports industry. This breakthrough film follows in the footsteps of last year's film by interviewing skiers across the “Suicide Belt” in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States, as well as showcasing their skiing abilities.

The film has one goal: Destigmatize talking about mental health and suicide in the ski industry.

This winter, a fortune awaits.

GET BURNT, a street and pow film dropping online in early November.

Yes yes, you heard that right. After a long season of filming, we are pleased to announce that MAGMA 3 will be coming to a computer near you this fall. Stay ready ladies and gentlemen.

Early mornings, long days, and late nights. The Good Company crew spent the season shredding record breaking snowfall. Everyday searching out new spots, stacking blocks, and increasing our knowledge of the mountains around us. The full season of street and backcountry moments when compiled together is truly the “Crescendo” of an all time winter.


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