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Rossignol S7 Skis 2011 Review

K2 S7 Skis Review provided by evo - I specifically bought this ski for the several days of powder skiing I do every year, but the first time I brought them out (to Revelstoke) and, to my horror, it had yet to snow all week. Fortunetly, the groomers had been working hard and I got to try them on the groomers before I went powder hunting. I didn't expect to have any real grip on groomers or hardpack, but I came away suprised!

On groomers, the camber underfoot gives a suprising amount of pop as you switch edges. It will hold a nice edge, obviously nothing like a carving ski, but perfectly fine for 110 underfoot (I don't have the super 7, which is the 195 length, and 115 underfoot). In the skied out and packed glades, the edge was perfectly willing to give when you wanted to but held when the turns were wide enough (and they usually were, with a 14.8M radius in 178). Overall, the ski totally took me by suprise on the groomed and packed snow. (Ice was a no-no, but on what ski isn't it?)

With all this performance on the groomers, I thought there must surely be something lacking in the soft stuff. Again, the S7 blew me away. The Amptek (rocker) combined with a 110 waist provided the float to drop 15 or 20 foot cliffs without burying the tips (or the rest of the ski) in the untouched stuff. Making turns in deep snow was hookless with the pintailed design and the rocker/camber design made it effortless, but the camber still had its say with just that perfect touch of pop. You can't quite make as tight of turns in the powder because the entire ski is touching the snow, but its not unreasonable for tree skiing and is better than a fully cambered ski without rocker.

Some people do complain that the tips and tails viberate and bounce at high speeds on groomers and crud. I only found this to happen on icy and hard crud, but it didn't really affect control or performance.

Overall this is an excellent ski, and its easy to see why it has so much hype around it.

Review provided by evo.

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stash member evo

evo explores the collaboration between culture and sport by seamlessly joining fashion, music, art, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking and more.