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Black Diamond AvaLung II Review

The Avalung is a great tool to help increase your chances of survival if caught in an avalanche. However, it should not be involved in a decision making situation, ie; "well, this snow pack looks sketchy but I've got my Avalung so… lets go." building it into the pack is a great way to decrease this impulse.

Unfortunately Black Diamond will not license the lung to other pack manufactures, or sell a version that could be attached to an existing backpack in an effort to direct consumers to buy their pack. Good marketing, but It would be a better gift to the backcountry community to offer it in multiple ways. It is another great tool to have in the mountains and is a great innovation.

About The Author

stash member Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

Enjoying the mountains year round is such a treat. They provide us the place to fly through the air, stop and look around, connect with friends, family, nature, and joy. Skiing, and biking complement each other nicely, that's what you'll see here.