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Recent Storm Pounds Chile With 40” Snow

Ripping lines like this in the summer? Yes, please. Valle Nevado Ski Resort Chile photo.

Coming to terms with the fact that you probably won’t see snow for another six months sucks. But if you are looking to put those “sick days” at work to use and can finesse air travel fees, you may want to consider heading down to South America for their winter season.

While ski towns across the U.S. are settling into sunny summer days and the mountains are changing from white to green, resorts across the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for colder weather and snow.

Chile and Argentina boast some of the best skiing south of the equator, complete with heliskiing, catskiing, and in-bounds terrain in the Andes, the world’s second-highest mountain range. Not to mention, the snow down there has been firing.

A recent Andean storm front dumped so much snow that it even reached the city of Santiago, where snow is almost unheard of.

Due to a hefty 40 inches of snow since last Friday, Chile’s Valle Nevado has announced via Facebook page that it is moving its opening day from June 22nd to June 15th.  If the snow continues to rip through the region like it has been this June, it’s safe to say that South America’s mountains are the place to be this summer.

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