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NOAA Releases 2023-2024 Forecast

A strong El Niño looks likely this year.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made another long-range forecast, and Open Snow has posted the results. The post starts with a disclaimer that long range forecasts are rarely accurate-- eyeing 1-10 day forecasts will give powder-hounds the best chance of scoring, they say. While these reports from 3-6 months out carry “little to no value,” according to Open Snow, one can still pine for glory days of knee deep powder-- anticipation is part of the fun!

However blurry they may be at this point, the signs point to a strengthening El Niño year, meaning that water temperatures on the ocean’s surface are set to be higher than normal, creating more lively conditions for storms that might dump snow when they hit the mountains. Only time will tell what the 2023-24 season has in store, but things are certainly looking better than usual. Let’s hope these forecasts hold true.

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About The Author

stash member Nico Johnson

While long-range forecasts may be as unpredictable as mountain weather, the prospect of a strengthening El Niño this year definitely adds an element of excitement to the upcoming season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for those epic powder days!
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