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Kings & Queens of Corbet’s Photo Saga: Sending it to the Moon

The energy inside Corbet’s Cabin was electric. Athletes, media, and JHMR staff packed into the small hut atop of Rendezvous mountain to gather our bearings and enjoy a preemptive waffle before the madness began. With clear sunny skies to start our day, we counted ourselves lucky. Jackson was in the middle of becoming “Februburied” and the weather kindly gave us a big enough window to run the event. With a storm quickly on its way, it was now or never.

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Satiated from the brown sugar and bacon waffles, athletes began making their way towards the exit sharing high fives along the way. The atmosphere was unique and contagious; nothing like your traditional competition.

“It’s a rider judged competition and that’s the kind of event I love,” explains Coen Bennie-Faull who’s competed in Corbet’s both this year and last year.

All the riders try to hype each other up, which pushes you even more.

As we transitioned from Corbet’s Cabin to the top of the couloir the excitement followed. Athletes keenly watched their fellow competitors runs and erupted into cheers when big tricks were stomped. When someone reached the finish corral they were greeted by a roaring crowd and hugs from friends waiting at the sidelines. For its second year running, Corbet’s has certainly matured leaps and bounds. Takeoffs were manicured, the park and pipe crew crafted a custom course, and most of all, the athletes came ready. Compared to last year Jackson local Veronica Paulsen loved seeing the line up of athletes become more diversified and experienced. She explains:

It was cool having all these big names come out and getting to compete alongside them!

What began as a grandiose experiment is quickly evolving into one of the most unique and celebrated big mountain snow events. Here are some of our favorite moments documented from the day:

Smiles all around for Hana Beaman (top), Caite Zeliff (left), Sam Schwartz (bottom right) as they wait in Corbet’s Cabin. Katie Lozancich Photo.  

The reigning king Karl Fostvedt is at ease before the competition begins. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo. 

Corbet’s Couloir in its glory—with a fresh dusting of snow too. Katie Lozancich Photo.  

Corbet’s is no longer just a huckfest; with the added jumps at the bottom athletes needed to put down a solid line. Max Ritter Photo.  

Yup. It’s a long way down. Katie Lozancich Photo..  

Fostvedt shaping his takeoff. After all, every detail counts. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  

The masterminds behind the course. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Travis Rice starts things off by going huge. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo.  

Rice sends it into Corbet’s unfazed—it helps when it's nestled into your backyard. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Let’s all take a second to remember that Parkin Costain is only 19. Katie Lozancich Photo.  

Costain just hanging out. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Veronica Paulsen sends the only backflip off the lip for the ladies this year. Max Ritter Photo.  

Paulsen tried twice but just couldn’t seem to stick the landing. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo.  

Beaman finds her style towards the bottom. Max Ritter Photo.  

Laura Dewey and Niki Kelly scoping their line. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo.  

Niki Kelly carving into the Couloir. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo.  

Aaron Blunck’s X-Games experience transferred seamlessly to the event. Katie Lozancich Photo.  

Blunck delivers from the top to the bottom. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Teton Brown still couldn't put the double to his feet. Nic Alegre Photo.  

PSA, that’s not Corbet’s Blaine Gallivan is shimmying through. Max Ritter Photo.  

Perhaps one the biggest highlights of the event was seeing sit-skier Trevor Kennison go big into Corbet’s. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Kennison stoked out of his mind to fulfill that dream. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Reigning queen Caite Zeliff glides towards the finish after a clean drop into the couloir. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Karl Fostvedt caught everyone’s attention when he started his run switch. Nic Alegre Photo.  

Gallivan finding some rotation off the lip. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo.  

Cam Fitzpatrick finds air off the natural features of the Couloir. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Photo.  

Sander Hadley committed to a big spin off the jump at the bottom but couldn’t seem to find his landing. Max Ritter Photo.  

There were celebrations all around at the finish corral. Max Ritter Photo.  

With a massive crowd eagerly watching, It was a party at the bottom of Corbet’s. Nic Alegre Photo.  

That’s a wrap until next year. Huge congratulations to the athletes for pushing the limits of their disciplines, and major kudos to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for taking the event to the next level.

If you've got FOMO for missing the event not to worry. Relive all the excitement  here.

Stay tuned for the winners announcements!

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