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Josh Daiek - Skiing Stories - #75 Low Pressure Podcast

#75 - Josh Daiek - Skiing Stories

Photo.  Mark Warner

 Big Mountain skier and this week's guest Josh Daiek talks about growing up in the skiing mecca of suburban Detroit...   He now lives in the Tahoe area and makes Kirkwood his home mountain resort.    Growing up in the mid-west, Josh relied on ski movies and magazines like FREEZE (R.I.P) where he was inspired by the likes of the New Canadian Air Force to grow his stoke and interest in skiing.

Josh has a few great stories for us including unexpectedly winning a Powder Award,  backing out of a line with Stan Rey, and a great tale about the legend Glen Plake.   We talk about about navigating the business of skiing and much more.  "Way more powder, way more Gapers"


Photo Grant Gunderson

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