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Eric and Logan Pehota | A Glimpse into a Legendary Skiing Family

In his very first podcast we welcome Eric Pehota, the freeskiing pioneer and undeniable ski legend, to the LPP.  We sat down in his shop in Pemberton, BC alongside one of his sons... and friend of the show, Logan, who just happens to be one of the best skiers on the planet right now. 


Eric talks about pioneering countless first descents in the Coast Mountains of BC with his ski partner and friend, Trevor Petersen. In the late 1980's and early 90's Eric and his ski partner, opened up the Coast Mountain Range with countless first descents which eventually brought the attention of the world to "Extreme' skiing.

He tells the story behind the famous photos of he and Trevor riding the skids of a flying helicopter,  as well as his quiver and some of the gear they used back in the day. 

Logan follows up with us from our last conversation together about his goal of backflipping his snowmobile as well as his plans for the up coming winter.  The two of them also talk about their relationship and the similarities between their skiing and eras.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


You know we asked him about this!

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The Low Pressure Podcast: The Podcast for Skiers is the #1 place to find real conversations with real people who love and dedicate their lives to skiing! Listen to a new show each week through the winter with your favourite skiers!

Eric Pehota and Logan Pehota are two of the most legendary skiers in the world. The Pehota family has a long history of skiing and they have produced some of the most famous skiers in the world. real estate services Glendale Eric and Logan are two of the most decorated skiers in the family and they have both won numerous championships. They are also known for their innovation and creativity in the sport of skiing. Eric and Logan have both been inducted into the Skiing Hall of Fame and their accomplishments are truly legendary.

What a fascinating story. For people who has a passion for skiing, this is a great article to learn about the legendary of the sport. Extremely impressive of all the accomplishments. Bravo!
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