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El Nino Bringing it!  August Snow Update For South America

Just under one month ago, the Central Andes ski resorts of Chile and Argentina received one of their biggest storms in a decade.    Shortly after, Catedral outside of Bariloche, Argentina was hit with over 4 feet of snow in 24 hours.  

Now, an even larger storm is hammering our favorite ski destinations south of the border.   This past week from Chillan to Portillo has seen quite a bit of snow.  Here are some of our favorite pictures and we are sure to see more with 5-6 more feet expected before the storm tappers off on Tuesday around Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado, Portillo, Arpa and Las Lenas.

Arpa Cat Ski guides decided to head to Chillan to catch the storm before returning north with plans to open their adventure cat skiing destination after the storm breaks next week.  They scored!  Arpa owner, Anton Sponar snapped this shot of Alex Banas on August 2nd.  One of the sickest photos we have seen all season.  Photo Credit:  Anton Sponar

Just now from Valle Nevado, Chile.  Forecasts have been showing up to 19 feet expected.  This is probably a bit exaggerated but with over 4 feet so far, no one is complaining...except for the dude with the shovel.  Photo Credit: Valle Nevado

We rolled the dice and drove up the road to La Parva, Chile yesterday from Santiago.  The rain in the lower elevations threatened road closures due to mud and rock slides.  Once we passed "curva 28" the snow began to stack up quickly, snow chains and a bit of pushing got us to our destination where we were welcomed to 3 feet of snow, local dogs, and non stop flakes falling from the sky all day.  Photo Credit:  Tim

La Parva August 6, 2015.  The snow has only let up for a few hours since then and expected to keep falling into Tuesday.  Photo Credit:  David Owen

Chris Davenport is in Portillo, Chile about to kick off his popular ski camp.  50 inches has fallen this week, and more on the way Photo Credit:  Chris Davenport Facebook

Ingrid Backstrom's ski camp is wrapping up today in Nevados de Chillan, Chile.  The ladies had a mix of heavy snow, rain, wind, blue bird powder days, yoga, and a lot of red wine and laughs.  Lisa taking advantage of the fresh snow.  Photo Credit:  Claire Smallwood

Stay tuned for more updates as this storm continues.

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