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David Wise Becomes First Skier to Land All Four Double Corks in Contest

History was made Thursday in Aspen, Colorado during the X Games Men's Ski SuperPipe Competition as David Wise became the first person to ever land four double corks rotating in different directions,  according to NBC Sports.

The 27-year-old Reno, Nevada, native launched a switch double cork 1080 right followed by a double cork 1260 left on the first two hits of the superpipe before linking a switch double cork 1080 left and a double cork 1260 right on the last two walls of the run.

The run drew a 94.00 from the judges–beating out Aspen natives Alex Ferreira and  Torin Yater-Wallace for gold–elicited a wild response from the crowd and gave Wise his first X Games medal since 2014.

"I just started feeling the energy of the crowd," Wise, said about his decision to try all four double corks in one run. "That was my goal at the beginning of the season."

Wise's gold medal efforts were mirrored by Maddie Bowman, who snagged her fifth straight X Games Women's Ski Superpipe gold.

If this all feels slightly familiar, it should: Back in 2014, Wise and the 24-year-old Bowman both snagged gold in Ski SuperPipe at X Games, and followed up that performance by both grabbing gold in the sport's Olympic debut in Sochi, Russia. Only time will tell if they can repeat that performance in the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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