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Alpine Paradise In California–Only At Lake Tahoe

Nestled in the North-Western side of the state of California is this charming Ski Resort town that has made winter activities a part of native Californian’s lives who are used to the sun, shine, and beaches of the West coast.

Growing up in California, it has been a yearly activity for our family to head up to the snowy mountains bordering Reno, with a rented van packed with snow gear that isn’t typically seen in a California household. We would be bound for a good 3-4 hour drive with changing sceneries of lush forestry turning into snowy mountains and awaiting us would be hours of skiing, hot chocolate by the fireplace, and endless snow angel making.

This is and a whole lot more is what we call the Lake Tahoe experience.

Lake Tahoe in California is a great place for sports enthusiasts, especially sports like skiing and snowboarding. The area gets the most snow in North America so you can enjoy your favorite sports to your heart's content.

The best time to go depends on what sports activities you plan on taking part in. It could be ski season during winter between November and April or snowboard season during winter between January and March; in some cases when the snow is in the best form, you can do both sports during winter. Either way, it would be best to whip out your men’s leggings with pockets or men’s athletic leggings as your first layer of clothing before you embark on your winter adventure.

Regardless of the winter sports of your preference, Lake Tahoe in California is a sports paradise that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.

How to get to Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe is located near South Lake Tahoe, California. You have several different ways of getting there from San Francisco or Los Angeles: either by plane, train, or a good old road trip by car.

Driving route

If you decide to drive, take Highway 50 all the way up towards Echo Summit. This is a very scenic route but it will likely take several hours—be sure your car is in condition for this because there are no gas stations on the road should you need to change a flat tire or something else unexpected happens. Likewise, if you are ready for a 3-hour drive, slip on some mens spandex shorts for extra comfort and support while driving, but if you want to go for more cover, donning a pair of sports tights for men will also work well (even outside the gym!), plus it’ll keep you warm too.

By Bus or Train

You can also take a bus or a train if you are not comfortable driving there, especially if it’s your first time. If you decide to take a bus or train, be aware that these services run less frequently than buses in more populated areas so plan accordingly. Many sports fans enjoy early risers sports such as skiing and snowboarding, so an overnight bus might work

By Air

If you decide to cross the country and fly to Lake Tahoe, there are several daily flights from the Bay Area (~$300-$350) Los Angeles (~$200-$250), Las Vegas (~$100-$150) and NYC(~$300-$350) provided by airlines such as United Express or Delta Airlines. Flights from additional cities in North America will land at South Tahoe Airport in Truckee where a car rental would be necessary. If you are planning to hit the mountains with your skis or snowboards it would be best to wear a pair of men’s gym tights or mens athletic leggings to keep the circulation in your legs going amidst the compression inside an airplane. Guys in tights are now becoming a trend once again, and the best part is they’re very comfortable to wear especially for traveling.

The Lake Tahoe Winter Wonderland Experience

To non-locals, finding out that Lake Tahoe, an Alpine wonderland is actually located within California, is already a shocker, but this doesn’t mean that Lake Tahoe is in any way less of a stunner than more famous places for winter sports in the US, such as Aspen or Alaska.

In fact, one can find plenty of fun during the day or night, but be sure that you are properly equipped for whatever your choice of winter activity may be. Wearing a pair of men’s athletic leggings or even some men’s running tights underneath your snow pants would be a good decision before you go out for your winter activities.


Lake Tahoe is a Ski Resort town, which means that there is an abundance of ski resorts to choose from. The only tip we can give you when it comes down to choosing your perfect spot for winter adventures would be working within your budget.

Almost all snow resorts have similar amenities depending on what level of skier/rider you want to enjoy the slopes with; however other factors may come into play if one has limited funds available such as amenities or shopping locations near their hotel.

Skiing gear

It’s common in Lake Tahoe for ski resorts to have gear for rent, especially for first timers who just want to try skiing. However, snow-appropriate clothing is what you need to bring and wear always. If you have yet to purchase yourself some thermal wear, putting on some male yoga pants or men’s gym tights would also do the trick, and it’ll also help in keeping you warm all throughout.

Skiing experience

Some may think that skiing in Lake Tahoe is a budget version of skiing in Aspen, but really both places are essentially at par when it comes to giving their visitors a great skiing experience.

Downhill skiing is the most common type of skiing done in Lake Tahoe, and almost all resorts have access to the mountains but do make sure that you first contact your resort especially if they have beginner ski slopes in their area.

A notable ski resort for beginners is Squaw Valley USA, the mecca of skiing; this resort has it all. With five peaks, including three dedicated solely to beginner and intermediate skiers and riders, Squaw Valley is a fantastic choice for beginner skiers and riders.

But if you are more of a highly skilled skier, Squaw Valley along with the other resorts all have access to the gondola systems that can take you to the higher slopes for your enjoyment.

More importantly, skiing in Lake Tahoe is open until 3 or 4 pm only to make sure that there will be no lost skiers on the slope and to prevent any injuries at night.

Make sure that you’re wearing extra layers of clothing in case you plan to ski towards closing hours. Wearing a pair of men’s running tights or sports tights for men underneath your snow pants serves as good measure.

Lake Tahoe offers much more than just downhill skiing though - there are also dozens of miles of cross-country ski trails accessible from nearly every resort in the area. Cross-country skiers can enjoy views like these while skiing around the serene Nevada side of the lake.

SummaryLake Tahoe is a great and accessible Ski Resort Town, but this also means that this winter wonderland can get jam packed with tourists and winter sports athletes who want to hit the slopes.

Although this is the main selling point of Lake Tahoe, it’s easy, accessible, and beginner-friendly for first-time skiers while being an easy getaway for the more advanced skiers out there.

Whether it's your first time or if you’re verging a professional, Lake Tahoe is a great choice for a quick slow getaway!

So pack your bags, make sure to bring enough layers to keep you nice and warm. And perhaps, it’ll be a good idea to throw in your favorite male yoga pants too to cap off your day–perfect for some warm and homey cup of hot chocolate by the fire!

So there you have it, I hope you’ll make lasting memories in the snow (like we did!) and enjoy the serenity of Lake Tahoe.

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