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Stevens Pass Session Day 2 and 3: Bring in the Bird

Things have been going well. We got one of our main jumps dialed in and got a solid session on it.  We were able to bring in the heli and get some really good shots. Classic Washington, you never know what the weather is going to do.  A typical day is a mix of sun, clouds, rain,  more sun, some snow, etc. The crew at Stevens Pass has been amazing to work with. During footage review Brian Stanford, who is the Stevens Pass Park Manager, showed me some photos he took with his point and shoot. They were so sick I asked if he could email them to me, so I could put them up on the site. My camera assistant and P2 shooter Josh Brom also crushed some great stills. It is tough to get photos when you are shooting motion footage out of the bird, so these guys were key in making this happen. As always these projects are full team efforts.

Alex Schlopy throws a nice 1260**Alex Schlopy is a 16 and 3/4 year old ripper. He was throwing some seriously tech tricks like 1260's and  cab 1080 double grabs.  The other riders were laughing as he was "learning new tricks" on his second and third jumps of the day. photo: Brian Stanford**

Tanner Hall being filmed from th helicopter**Here is myself and Adam Clark filming Tanner from the heli. Our pilot Kent is super sick. He has been nailing some sweet patterns and getting us in really close to the action. photo: Brian Stanford**

Wiley Miller mute grab 540

**Wiley Miller is a work horse. He is not afraid to take a hit while working on his tricks. Here he is nailing a 540. photo: Brian Stanford**

Tanner Hall Stevens Pass Double Cork

**Tanner has been doing some sick double flips. He is a work horse and only stops sessioning when the light is flat. photo: Brian Stanford**

Dash Longe airs over the camera**Here is Dustin filming Dash Longe from the deck.  photo: Josh Brom**

Todd Jones films Sage at Stevens Pass

**Here I am filming Sage. Sage has broken three skis since he has been here. That is some serious product testing. His new boards have arrived and he is ready to go. photo: Josh Brom**

Pete O'brien with his many cameras**Pete O'brien has the ability to shoot three or four cameras at one time. He has his main camera, a still camera on remote, and a bolex that he directs someone else to use, and maybe even a video. Pete O is a master of the art of filming and is always stoked. Here he is setting up to crush multiple formats of madness. photo: Josh Brom**

May Day Parade in downtown Leavenworth**Leavenworth is a mint Euro style Bavarian town. Here is a May Day parade that brought out the troops on full force.**

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stash member Todd Jones

Skier, snowboarder, surfer, cinematographer, director