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POC Receptor+ Helmet Review

Utilizing protection in many aspects of life is essential. You don’t want to drive around in a Chevy Corvair, skydive without a backup shoot or extend a super sketchy date into the next morning. That’s just plain stupid. Skiing without a helmet is also not too smart either. I have had multiple friends whose lives have been saved through helmet usage and always wear one when I go shred.

I am so happy that I recently received a brand spankin’ new POC Receptor+ and love it! This helmet wraps all of the safety features I need into a four season helmet that can be used for multiple sports. This helmet is designed for multiple impacts, has outstanding ventilation, has a double-layer shell design for protection against major impacts and pointy objects, is very lightweight and fits like a glove. The Receptor+ helmet is light years ahead of its time when it comes to helmet technology. Protecting your head is really the point when it comes to wearing a helmet which is why this is extremely important.

The next most important helmet feature in my opinion is helmet fit. Too big and you’re reducing the helmets effectiveness and too small and you’re having headaches like you’re hung over all the time. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen included with a new helmet was the inclusion of multiple liner foam packs that I received with this POC helmet. By choosing the right liner foam, you can micro adjust the helmet to fit your specific head. I use the Large helmet with the thinnest liner foam and it’s perfect.

The last thing I look for in a helmet is looks, but it’s still important and the Receptor+ delivers. The styling is minimalistic, modern and not too bulky. That works for me. You can also pair this helmet with a pair of POC goggles and you’ve got a perfect setup.

In case you haven’t noticed, POC is supporting a lot of the best ski and snowboard athletes including, Jeremy Jones, TJ Schiller, Tanner Hall, Tucker Perkins & Jon Olsson. Don’t sleep on POC because their gear is legit.

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