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K2 Gyrator 2012 Snowboard Review

There’s really not much else anyone could ask for in a powder board. Ability to float, great response, and not too heavy. Taking this bad boy out on a foot plus powder day in Jackson Hole was a dream as I silently floated through the froth like a whale effortlessly cuts through the infinite ocean. The price is a little on the higher end side, but if you buy it a year later it’s definitely worth the discounted price. 

What really stuck with me about this board was it’s stability through the extreme afternoon powder day chop. It’s all fun and games through the deep snow, but once it gets a little later in the day on the groomed runs, shit can get a little sketchy. However, when riding the Gyrator it’s a different story. I comfortably blasted through the chop passing gaper after gaper earning just a couple more laps before everything gets too tracked out. 

All in all, if you live in a place that will allow you to shred powder, or able to take a hike or two this board is for you. Definitely not an all around board, but perfect for the powder addicts that need their fix. 

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