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Gear Review: 2012 Trew WyEast Softshell Jacket

I've gotten to play with TREW's WyEast softshell for the last two months, and am declaring it a lightweight (23oz), packable, stylish soft shell jacket with a pretty manageble pricetage ($200).  

Though it's still early season I've taken this jacket out on 5 backcountry ski adventures in conditions ranging from 10*F with high winds and blowing snow to 50*F with high winds and drizzly mist.  The WyEast kept me warm and dry while venting my sweat effectively.

I've also taken this jacket climbing/mountaineering 3 times, and have ridden my bike all over the valley with typical Jackson Hole fall (fickle) weather including high winds, drizzle, torrential snow dumps, and drastic temperature swings.

In my experience the TREW WyEast softshell has proven itself a reliable jacket across the spectrum of conditions I've experienced over the last two months and still looks/feels new after ~40 days total of use.

TREW says the following about the WyEast on their website, and it's a surprisingly accurate description:

"THE WYEAST: Durable, Breathable, Comfortable.

Three seasons, one mission: getting after it. Moving like water, you are everything and nothing. You break like the wind. You party like a beast. Your jacket is the WyEast.... Designed with excellent range of motion and weather resistance for alpine ascents, but slim-fitting and breathable enough to layer under a shell on brutally cold days, the WyEast softshell is crucial to your cold-weather arsenal. A plush fleece lining and supple, yet burly polyester rip-stop face fabric give this jacket last-call comfort that belies its rugged capabilities. Built for the rigors of a life on and around snow, for springtime Cascade ascents and midnight truck repairs, it complements our line of hardshell jackets like a second thought. Anatomical design, welded and reinforced laser-cut pockets, and rock-solid construction testify to its TREW roots."

  Here's what I have to say about the WyEast: 
  *lightweight at 23oz and packs down small
  *slim fit great for wearing under a shell or mountaineering
  *stretchy fabric does not restrict movement
  *very breathable yet water resistant
  *cozy liner, especially around shoulders/mouth
  *solid zippers (not the kind that wear out quickly)
  *big hood with good drawstrings
  *good powder drawstrings at the waist
  *big waist pockets and good interior pocket
  *long sleeves, good velcro sleeve closures
  *more affordable ($200) than others (Arcteryx hooded softshell is $398)

  *only comes in two color schemes (though pretty sweet colors)
  *made in Vietnam (better than China, but not made locally.. but what is?)
  *big "thumbs up" logo on the back left shoulder may upset Negative Nancy
  *bright red is a bad color choice for fighting the New American Revolution
  *black is a great color choice for fighting the New American Revolution
  *embedded chick magnetism may make romantic fidelity difficult
  *no headphones built into the hood
  *no bungie roach clip for my "goggle wipe" (Burton used to include these) 
  *doesn't fit a German Shepherd very well.
  *only available in sizes S-XXL (won't fit "Average Americans" above 350 lbs)
  *keeps me from sweating but does nothing to control my body odor
  *pisses me off that this jacket didn't exist years ago.


  Check out the WyEast right here...



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