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Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro Model Ski Boots Review


Seth Morrison says he’s been skiing the same boots for the past 22 years, and I now understand why. The Full Tilt pro model that bears his name features FT's 3-piece construction, which provides a more natural flex and is comparably lighter weight (they weigh 1,999 grams/boot) than the more traditional (1-piece) overlap boots you're probably used to. The boots feature a unique cable buckle system that more evenly distributes your weight. Additionally, the buckles themselves are mounted on a track that has as many as 14 increments, allowing for very precise adjustment. The Seth Morrisons come with moldable Intuition liners that are industry leading in comfort and warmth. This combination of construction, buckles and liners yields a level of control and responsiveness that I haven't experienced from any other boot.


The Seth Morrison Pro tongues are a unique feature that's also derivative of their construction. A traditional boot has one flex that you’re stuck with for the life of the boot. Full Tilts' flex, however, is determined by the stiffness of these tongues. They can easily be swapped out, making a single pair of boots much more versatile. The Seth Morrisons come with an 8-flex tongue (10 is stiffest), but 4-, 6-, and 10-flex ones are also available. This year's boots also include interchange rubber soles for the first time, which provide greater traction and are replaceable if they wear out.


When considering sizing, the boots' last width is 99 mm. This is something to keep in mind for those of you with wider feet. I also found them to be undersized. My other boots are size 26.5 and have a 307 mm shell size. My Full Tilts, by comparison, are 27.5 and 310 mm, respectively. Go try a pair on at your local shop, your feet will thank you.


Below is a video from Full Tit that explains the technology behind the boot's construction in more detail.



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