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DaKine Over Under Luggage Review

Traveling nowadays can be a real hassle to say the least. You can’t seem to go anywhere without dropping additional cash on extra fees or finding new difficulties when you arrive at the airport. With all of the new travel rules being imposed by almost every major airline, having the appropriate luggage becomes even more paramount to saving money and enjoying your time away. When not checking a bag, the Dakine Over Under is my new bag of choice for milking every square inch of any overhead compartment I encounter.

The Over Under incorporates all of the fine Dakine craftsmanship that you’ve come to expect, but also looks nice and travels well. A big plus to this the bag is the fact that the top compartment is expandable. This bags dimensions fall within most U.S. airline carrier size restrictions, but if you really want to push the limits, it also has an expandable compartment that takes it from 3,000 cubic inches to 3,900. This is perfect for those trips where you pick up an extra souvenir or two. The split-level compartments make organization and packing a breeze, the outside pockets are super convenient for items you want to access during the flight, the retractable handle is sturdy and the urethane wheels are super smooth for improved airport freestyle walking sessions.

The only drawbacks to this bag are the fact that it can topple over when fully loaded. It’s not way too bad, but I wish it was more stable when sitting upright. Even though I love the size, you can also run into problems with some airlines considering it too big for a carry-on. It doesn’t happen often, but it is something to consider. Lastly, make sure to get priority seating if you can (I use my United Explorer card for this) to ensure that it fits on the plane. Even with these minor issues, I am still very happy with the Over Under bag and take it everywhere I go. It’s definitely just the right size for multiple day trips. 

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