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Check Out Seth Morrison’s 2013 Shred Setup

Seth Morrison has been a professional skier for the last 20 years. At 38 years old, Seth is still crushing it.  He has starred in over 22 movies, including his own full length film The Ordinary Skier. Seth has won numerous awards for his achievements. Seth is a workaholic when it comes to skiing. He is on the mountain riding hardpack every day in November once the lifts opens, rides all winter, and travels to South America every year in August to keep riding.

Seth also works very closely with his Sponsors, K2, Full Tilt, Oakley, and Black Diamond to design and test the gear that he rides. When you are in the mountains as much as Seth, having the best gear that you can trust is imperative. Here is Seth's 2013 shred setup and his personal insight into the latest innovations and developments behind his equipment.

Seth's Skis

Seth's Take

This is a totally different ski then what I have had in the past. The dimensions are close to the same as the Obsethed, but less tiptail rocker and slight twin tip. The main goal was to get a ski more in tune as a daily driver for the ever changing conditions we as skiers experience in the Mountain environment, since my past promodels have been more Powder specific. Yes its wide, but hard snow performance is much better than previous versions without sacrificing powder performance. Stiffer tail is also noticeable. Chamonix inspired graphics since this is where I tested the ski during the filming of The Ordinary Skier. Mounting is more traditional and I have found that +1 forward of the recommended mounting point is as far as I can go without tip dive in powder. Forget about skiing switch with these. Much different feel, on hard pack not so much tip and or tail flap. I ride the 188 weigh 155lbs and am 5 10. Tip and tail holes are for pre cut skins and if you get a K2 shovel there is a kit inside the shaft that has bolts with wing nuts that utilizes the shovel shafts to help build a sled out of the skis with some cord (that you need to get on your own)to help get an injured person out of the backcountry. The skis don't come with pre cut skins.

Get more info on Seth's Skis here

Seth's Boots

Seth's Take:

This years boot is brand Spanking new Art. Translucent shell of skulls and lets green liner shine through. Softer flex this year with an 8 vs a 10 on the previous Seth Pro Model. Liner is a bit thinner I found from the past boot as well. Over same flex pattern and performance. You can change flex by getting different tongues virtually on in a few seconds. See why I have been riding these shells for most of my career.

Get more info on Seth's Boots here

Seth Jacket

Seth's Take

This is one of my favorite to date. Gore-Tex Pro Shell so light, breathable, water and windproof. Tested in the Chamonix Valley. Nice chest and hand pockets for cameras, radio, and phone. Right chest pocket has an access zipper to your inner layer so it works in conjunction with the modular fleece layer chest pocket for things you want to keep safe and warm. 2 way zipper to help with other inner access so you don t have to need to take you jacket off. Shirt will connect to pants to make a one piece. Bill has a wire in the visor to help shape it. Packable as well! Photo of Nate Wallace on Mallory in Chamonix .

Get more info on Seth's Jacket here

Seth's Pants

Seth's take:

Been a long time in the works for us to get Gore in the line. First time I wore the suit I felt like I was forgetting something due to how light this is compared to previous 3 layer Shells. Nice side thigh to knee venting. No back pocket, no need. Removable chest bid. Cuff saver is reversed to the inside of the cuff for a cleaner look. Simple and light, it only gets better. Its a shell, so you need to layer!!

Get more info on Seth's Pants here

Seth's Goggles

Seth's take:

Easy quick change lens, flick open handle behind lefthand outrigger, pop and snap to take out, pop and snap to put back in, practice a few times. Nice peripheral and nose fit. Fits well in TLD D3 and TLD SE3 Helmets. Slightly larger fit than crowbar, but similar helmet fits. Worth carrying extra lens in Jacket, Pant cargo pocket or Backpack. Comes with Custom Print Bag as well as ventilated soft case. Silicon lined straps for non-slip on helmet or hat. Stylish lenses for dark to light conditions between the 2 offered.

Get more info on Seth's Goggles here

You may not be able to ride like Seth Morrison if you get all this gear, but you will certainly be able to experience his 20 years of design, development and innovation if you get his setup. 

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Here is a video of Seth from a few years back testing his signature gear

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