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Cassette Sunglasses Review

In a struggling economy we find ourselves trying to look as stylish and as core as possible without breaking the bank, and a fresh pair of Cassette Sunglasses are the perfect affordable accessory to turn heads without going broke. 

Cassette offers a variety of classic styles that are perfect for both guys and the ladies. When living the young, fast, rock ’n’ roll lifestyle such as myself, one needs a pair of sunglasses that can keep up when sending it day in and day out. And sometimes when a lad or a lady gets caught up in the fun and the sunglasses decide to go for a swim, or forever hide in the bed of your good friends pick-up, don’t sweat it. You can pick up another pair of these on the cheap. Cassette Sunglasses are all about good times, summer love, and high fives.

Recommendation: Pick up a pair of the Yo!’s, classic wayfarer shape, with bamboo arms. Classic and creative. 


Keep an eye out for their all bamboo frames coming spring/summer 2012.

About The Author

stash member Steve Marsh