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Armada AK JJ Ski Review

Thank You ARMADA!

 I wanted to get on a pair of JJ’s for a while, but was always hesitant due to their not being available in a length that was to my liking. They were always too short. Well, that all changed this season with the AK version of the JJ. I’m so glad that ARMADA made this change and it was definitely worth the wait.

I will go on record as calling this one of the best skis for the 2011/2012 season. So Rad! The AK JJ’s float effortlessly in powder, are crazy light, stiffer than traditional JJ’s, perfect for spinning, have extra energy thanks to the camber underfoot and are buttery smooth. Until the AK JJ, I never found an AK ski that was easier to take flight with. They’re so lightweight that you’ll just want to jump off of everything you encounter during your ride downhill.

 The AK JJ’s don’t require you to turn in softer snow, but when you do, you’ll feel an effortlessness not found in other skis. The AK JJ’s almost make you feel like you’re cheating while you’re on them because no other ski has made skiing feel easier. ARMADA clearly knew what they were doing when it came to every aspect of these skis.

 Another great attribute of the AK JJ’s is that they’re super nimble. If you normally do not ski anything over 190cm, don’t be afraid to try these out. You can charge as hard as you would like and turn on a dime. The camber under boot allows you to have the extra pop on quick turns unlike fully rockered skis that can sometimes wash out. Take these into the trees and you’ll be able to ski exactly the way you want to.

 I very highly recommend the ARMADA AK JJ’s!  

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