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How Skaters Prepare For An Extreme Event

Skateboarding is an intense sport that requires endurance, high levels of physical fitness, and a healthy diet to match. Into skateboarding yourself? Curious as to how some of the top skaters are able to perform such daring stunts at skating events? Read on for tips and tricks on how they prepare for these extreme events.

1. They Eat Healthily Before and During the Event

Skaters must prepare for events by eating properly prior to and during these skating sessions. Skaters that are preparing for an extreme event should focus on eating a balanced diet filled with the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and nutrients.

Skaters should maintain a diet that keeps their protein consumption high and fat consumption low. Protein should account for 12% of one’s diet, though it will likely need to increase the more a skater trains. Skaters should also monitor the number of carbs they eat, as this will better help them withstand the intensity of their skateboarding sessions. Ideally, skateboarders should eat more complex carbohydrates like whole-grain pasta, potatoes, fruits, beans, and vegetables.

While many skaters tend to avoid unnecessary fats, it’s not healthy to eliminate fats altogether. Lastly, skaters should monitor their intake of minerals and vitamins as this will help to keep their bodies healthy and performing at their best.

2. They Stay Hydrated to Maintain Their Energy

In addition to gaining energy from eating properly, this basic tip is one of the most important suggestions for any event that requires significant amounts of physical activity. While the skateboarding industry is dominated with promotions from all sorts of energy drink sponsors, water is the best source of hydration for any skater. Whereas energy drinks provide a quick spurt of energy then a big crash during the middle of the day, drinking water regularly throughout the day allows you to maintain regular levels of energy and stay focused.

Moreover, staying hydrated can actually keep your body functioning at a higher level than others. According to Brad Russell from Nutritional Cleanse, drinking plenty of water throughout the day is one of the easiest ways to improve your metabolism. This increased metabolism allows a skater’s body to process nutrients faster, resulting in more energy. With a proper diet and the right amount of water, skaters can perform at their best during these extreme competitions.

3. They Know Which Group They’re Competing In

Skateboarding competitions tend to separate skaters by skill level. Skaters compete according to beginner, intermediate, and advanced groupings. As skaters want to win the competition, they must be sure that they are training for the right skill level.

Beginner sections tend to be reserved for individuals that are new to skating and are capable of Ollie’s, 50-50 grinds, kickflips, and the like. Intermediate skaters tend to excel with flip tricks, grabs, and some grinds. Advanced is reserved for skaters that are well versed in the art of skating and consistently land well while performing tricks. Skaters that are gearing up to win big in an event have practiced intensely for months prior to the competition. As they want to wow their judges and fellow skaters, they likely have a unique routine that shows off their talent perfectly.

4. They Do Their Research

Extreme events are likely extreme because of the conditions surrounding the event. Whether it’s the area where they're skating, the temperature conditions, the obstacles they're up against, or the number of skills they’re asked to demonstrate, skaters that enter into extreme events know that they will be faced with several challenges. One of the best ways to prepare for such an event is to do their research.

Before a big event, skaters should do all they can to find out what is expected of them and what they should expect at the event. This includes researching the judges, looking up their competition, and studying the location of the event. While most of this information can be found online through a basic search, skaters would do well to visit the location in person and get familiar with the terrain. Each venue will have its own elements which the right skater will know how to use to their advantage. The best skaters are able to tailor their skillset to fit every aspect of their competition, which is what makes this researching strategy so important.

5. They Stay Positive

Skateboarding culture has a certain “mellow” mindset associated with it. While there may be a competition going on, every good skater knows how to keep their head on their shoulders. As skaters prepare to win big at an extreme event, they also work to stay calm and collected.

Just as these events draw in all sorts of skating fans and skaters themselves, they also attract businesses and skating companies that are scouting out skaters that they want to work with in the future. Skaters that are able to display their skills effortlessly and flawlessly while remaining optimistic and grounded are always more likely to be considered for deals of this sort.

6. They Manage Their Stress

Regardless of how much training a skater may have, this doesn’t mean they have nerves of steel. As they get closer and closer to the big day of their event, it’s likely that they will experience anything from fear to a case of serious nerves. The best way to tackle these nerves on the big day is to already have a set of effective coping mechanisms in place long before the day of the event.

These stress-busting tips include learning how to visualize their big win and staying focused on their goals. Being able to keep these nervous feelings in check helps skaters stick to what really matters during these extreme events: their performance. By visualizing how they will compete and how they plan to win, when it comes time to actually perform, it will feel as though it’s second nature to them.

Skating is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. When it comes to preparing for an extreme event, skaters do a lot of work behind-the-scenes to get ready. If you have a similar event you’re preparing for, be sure to take these six strategies into consideration to make sure you perform at your best.

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