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Yellowstone Tourist Killed While Trying To Take Photo Of Bald Eagle

Yellowstone has more than 18 bald eagle nests. Yellowstone National Park photo. 

According to the East Idaho News, a woman from Texas was hit and killed by a car last Wednesday shortly before 8 AM while crossing the street to take a photo of a bald eagle in Yellowstone National Park. 46 year-old Wendy Larrabee was crossing the road towards the Madison River in the west end of the park when she was hit by a car travelling westbound. Bystanders began performing CPR and rangers arrived promptly, but Larrabee was pronounced dead on the scene.

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Emergency crews from the West Yellowstone Police Dept, Hebgen EMS and Fire, Montana Highway Patrol and the Gallatin County Sheriff all responded to the accident. "We care about the safety of all people who come to visit Yellowstone and sadly these kind of tragic accidents do happen," said Yellowstone spokeswoman Charrisa Reid. "We hope this serves as a reminder to everyone to follow the speed limit and be careful when crossing any road in the park."

It has not yet been stated whether or not the driver of the vehicle will face any charges.Yellowstone asks anyone who witnessed the accident to call the park tip line at (307) 344-2132.   

About The Author

stash member Maddy Pigott

Adventure capitalist born and bred in The Great White North.

Did this really happen or is it another Onion-esque story? Can’t tell the difference anymore.

“We hope this services as a reminder to everyone to follow the speed limit and be careful when crossing any road in the park.”

Do you guys edit your work?

Lady parked her car in a no parking zone and then didn’t pay attention to traffic in an area with very short road viewing distances.  Chalk up another one for Darwin’s theory.