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Video: Mountain Lion Enters House and Sleeps Behind Couch

What would you do if a mountain lion suddenly appeared in your living room? Well for Lauren Taylor, an Oregon woman, this hypothetical became quite real when earlier this month she noticed some furry legs curled up behind her couch. 

You can read her full description of the encounter below, but it goes a little something like this: her and her roommate discovered the large cat, her roommate freaked out, but Lauren focused on creating a calm energy so as not to agitate the animal as well as encourage it to leave. And it worked. The cat got up and left of its own volition. 

So, what can we take from this incident? One, if you live in the wilderness, don't leave your back door open. There's a Colorado resident who found four mountain lions hanging out on his porch just the other day:

Two, while we can't speak to Lauren's energy attunement method, it is important to stay calm. In fact, that's the first thing the National Park Service recommends. You can read more about what you should do during an encounter in the wild here. If one shows up inside your house, however, it's probably a good idea to call animal control.

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Read Lauren Taylor's full story: 

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