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TGR Founder Todd Jones Talks the Dead, his son Kai, growing up in Cape Cod on Powell Movement Podcast

If you’re in need of a juicy podcast for the week ahead, look no further. Here’s Todd Jones, our fearless leader and founder of TGR, on the Powell Movement podcast. Todd speaks about the time his 16 year old son Kai broke both his legs while filming for Flying High Again (2023), going into some of the physical and mental challenges in his subsequent recovery process. Interviewer Ian Macintosh asks Jones about his life as a youngster from Cape Cod and how he fell in love with being in the mountains, sewing the proverbial seeds of present day TGR. The pair also talk about how Todd became a Deadhead in high school, perhaps marking a moment of release from the confines of his private school-upbringing. Down the line, Todd’s admiration for the Dead in high school would eventually evolve into a full blown partnership and collaboration between the band and TGR.

If this kind of stuff peaks your fancy, there’s two whole episodes with Todd up on the Powell Movement Website now. I’ve only touched on part one here, so see for yourself what part two has in store.

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