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Roadless: TGR’s New Snowboard Film Coming Fall 2019

Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi, and the TGR crew head out into the wilderness. Jeremy Jones photo.

TGR is excited to announce Roadless, a forthcoming snowboard film featuring Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, and Bryan Iguchi. The three have each followed their own unique journey to become some of the most influential people in the action sports community. They have changed the way we interact with the mountains and continually re-define what's possible. For the first time in their illustrious careers, these snowboarding legends are united by a common goal: To trek deep into the wilderness in search of groundbreaking first descents in the lower-48’s most remote region. Their arduous journey through this winter landscape yields not only world-class riding, but allows the three to reflect on their shared past and love of snowboarding in one of America's last wild places.

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Bryan Iguchi has lived in Wyoming for many years, and has wanted to explore Yellowstone’s touring potential since he first set eyes on it. A trip into such a remote and inaccessible zone requires perfect conditions. This past March, after a month-long storm which produced Jackson Hole’s deepest February on record, conditions cleared. “It’s amazing that our schedules lined up with such a perfect weather window,” said Iguchi. “Jeremy and I are both fathers with tight schedules, and Travis has so much going on. TGR did a great job rallying the troops on short notice to make sure that we could take full advantage of the window.”

Iguchi isn’t exaggerating the weather window; it was clear and blue throughout the eleven-day trip. The trip’s only real limiting factor was food. Said Iguchi, “Visibility and stability were ideal, and we could move fast and light since we were carrying the essentials and nothing more. We just stayed out there until we ran out of food.”

Looking back on the trip, Iguchi conveys an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. “It’s a special place, and has been preserved incredibly well. I feel so lucky that we got to explore and discover what it has to offer.”

The film will be released in Fall 2019, with tour dates and stops announced this summer. It will also be available for licensing, so if you or your organization are interested in bringing Roadless to your area please submit a licensing request form

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