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Pro Snowboarder Sentenced To 8 Years Jail Time Over Drug Ring

Pro snowboarder Benjamin Adam Miles gets arrested in August 2015. The NSW Police photo. 

During the 2015 ski season, professional snowboarder Benjamin Adam Miles and professional skier Julian Edward Abraham were charged for selling ecstasy, cocaine and ice (methamphetamine) in Jindabyne, Australia. According to ABC News Australia, snowboarder Miles pled guilty to five counts of supplying drugs worth approximately $300,000 resulting in an eight year sentence. Accomplice Abraham pled guilty to three counts of supplying the drugs and will spend four years in jail.

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Though Miles may be forced to retire from snowboarding earlier than he would have hoped, the world of pro snowboarding may not notice his absence seeing as he was only ranked 4890th in the Overall World Tour. Miles also founded the sportswear brand Snowbones, which hasn't had much traction since his trouble with the law began in August, 2015.

Abraham is an international freeskiing competitor who had transported the drugs from Canberra to Jindabyne and used his profits to support his skiing career.

Miles sold large commercial quantities of the various drugs, having customers refer to them as ‘cheeseburgers’, ‘drinks’ and ‘fries’ when they made their requests. The snowboarder stated in court that he only sold drugs to be able to pursue his career as a professional snowboarder, like Abraham. Miles is eligible for parole starting in 2020, and Abraham’s release is scheduled for February, 2018. Seems as though these guys had don't discriminate when it comes to powder...

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stash member Maddy Pigott

Adventure capitalist born and bred in The Great White North.

There are pro snowboarders in Australia?

    Sure we do, Torah Bright? Heard of her? She won a few things, olympic gold and silver, xgames, kind of a big deal. Australian. Write it down.

      Touchy. Or is it Touche?

        Seemed a bit like being a snowboader and not knowing who Terje Haakonsen is to me. First comment reeked of naïveté so I returned in kind. No offence or trolling intended to anyone.