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Toyota Slammed for Sexist Ski Ad

Romy Krassenstein headed to Thredbo after 'gramming: "No baking today when there are slopes to SLAY." Then she saw Toyota's message and turned angry. Romy Krassenstein photo

A mountain momma in Australia’s not happy with Toyota. Why? Their latest ad’s just a tad bit sexist. And by “tad,” I mean VERY.

Romy Krassenstein was shredding Thredbo when she spotted the banner. She says the ad insinuates that, by virtue of possessing a uterus, women are inferior skiers.

How did Krassenstein come about this interpretation? It’s pretty darn simple: Toyota pairs green runs (the easiest) with kids, blues (runs appropriate for a moderately skilled skier) with moms, and black diamonds (the most challenging of the crop) with dads.

What the hell, right?

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Facebook comments vary from “Laugh, and move on” and “lighten up” to “Is this a bloody joke,” but the bottom line is that open discourse is good; don’t suggest women suck it up, don’t suggest women silence their frustrations about how the media portrays the female, and most definitely don’t suggest women aren’t hella strong on them wooden planks.

Women are over the patronizing BS.

Krassenstein’s widowed, and told “There is only me. There is no Dad. I’m out there [with four children] doing double black runs.” She criticizes Toyota for being “lazy” and “dumb,” and says, “Toyota Australia, so do you mean now you are creating cars for women that are easier to drive than for men?”

Toyota says they were simply showing that Thredbo offers something for everyone, like their Kluger car. Massive fail there, mates.

The banners have since been removed, and new marketing material’s en route. Hopefully the ad dept. put more than a quarter of an ounce of thought into their message this time.  

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