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UPDATED: Full ​Athlete List for Kings and Queens of Corbet’s 2023

Kings and Queens 2023 returns to Corbets Couloir this February. | Max Ritter photo.

Corbet's Couloir eats Jerrys for breakfast. Skiers and snowboarders that accidentally make eye contact with Corbet’s Couloir on Jackson Hole’s aerial tram experience instant spine-tingling vertigo and nausea. If Corbet’s Couloir was a person, he would flirt with your wife, flip you the bird and then drop the line that you’ve been preparing for all season without a moment’s hesitation. The stomach-churning, 45 degree chute is aptly one of the most infamous and sought after lines in North America. It is the proving ground for thrill-seekers looking to cut their teeth on some of the gnarliest, in-bounds terrain available.

Corbet’s entrance, a cornice overshadowing a ten to twenty foot vertical drop, followed by a blind turn onto a double black diamond, is enough to give the most experienced riders temporary paralysis. You need serious skill to navigate the chute, (a temporary lapse in sanity and a general lack of self-preservation helps, too - unless you’re one of the world class athletes looking for glory at the annual Kings and Queens Competition).

Every year, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort hosts the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s, a rowdy freeride competition of style and grit. What is it that pushes these top athletes to launch themselves off Corbet’s massive limestone cliffs, and perform body-contorting, mind-bending tricks?

Thousands of dollars, the honorary title of King or Queen, and bragging rights. Lots and lots of bragging rights.

Luckily this year’s line up of skiers and snowboards includes experienced TGR athletes, former Olympians, X Games champions and professional freeriders from all across the globe. This year’s competition runs from February 4-11. More info for the event is available here and don’t forget to check out TGR’s coverage of the competition.

Ladies: Amy Jane David, Cheryl Maas, Madison Blackley, Piper Kunst, Sarka Pancochova, Veronica Paulsen, Summer Fenton, Claire McPherson

Men: Alex Hackel, Blake Wilson, Cam Fitzpatrick, Colby Stevenson, Cooper Branham, Corey Jackson, Grant Giller, Jake Hopfinger, Karl Fostvedt, Mason Lemery, Nial Romanek, Parkin Costain, Ryan Wachendorfer, Yuki Kadono, Ben Richards, Windham Miller, Jack Wiley

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stash member Taylor Bayly

To everyone, best of luck! Excellent competitors, nonetheless. |

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Thousands of dollars, the honorary title of King or Queen, and bragging rights. Lots and lots of bragging rights.

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