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Infographic: What Would It Take To “Make” A Powder Day?

Infographic designed by Drayton Beebe.

Powder days. We relish them, live for them. As skiers and riders, they are often the culmination of our time messing about on snow. But with climate change raising temps around the globe, powder days are already starting to become less frequent, less predictable.

With that in mind, we set about to ponder a little thought experiment: what would it "cost" to replicate a powder day? If instead of a totally natural, fresh 12" blanketing all 2500 inbounds acres of our home ski area, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, we instead had to make all that snow ourselves? 

With some research, math (yes, MATH on TGR!), and help from JHMR's Austin Irby and John McMurry of the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, we were able to generate a rough figure for how much it would cost to create a manmade powder day at Jackson Hole: $59 million.

We hope this number contextualizes how valuable (literally) fresh snow is, and motivate our winter community to continue to push ā€“ more frequently and more forcefully ā€“ for action on climate change.

STEAL OUR INFOGRAPHIC! Post on your site, your social feed... wherever! Just hit control > click on your keyboard on the infographic followed by "Save Image As..." We'd love to see this thing spread far and wide!

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About The Author

Sounds like you’re blowing a low of hot air to me. 12” man made snow is in no way comparable to 12” of powder. Last time I checked snow guns don’t drop fluffy pow or I’d have one in my backyard.
You throw a bunch of misleading numbers on an infographic and try to trigger an emotional response about climate change.
Not cool.

    Hey Gnardog, you’re absolutely right. But, since this is a giant hypothetical anyways, and you could never REALLY make a powder day from snow guns, we wanted to keep it more apples to apples, comparing 12” of snow to 12” of snow. Thanks for your perspective, though!

    “...or I’d have one in my backyard”
    Seriously? Even if you don’t agree that man made is as good as powder, which isn’t even the point of this story - you’re a pretty ignorant kid to still make that claim after seeing what the guns do to the environment. Happy Earth Day, I award you zero points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    Yeah, this graphic is dope, and it reminds us of how much mother nature hooks us up on the regular (hopefully). Gnardog, it seems like you’re just looking for reasons to not accept reality. Climate change should trigger an emotional response ā€” happy Earth Day!

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